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Association Meeting Minutes November 15, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.  We had 13 properties represented at the meeting.

President’s Report on the Condition of the Neighborhood – Mark began by stating that we had up to 10 foreclosures in the neighborhood last year and are now down to 3 (2 very recently).  The Board had been lenient on violators last year due to financial crisis but will begin to tighten up requirements.  As a result of most of the properties now owned and occupied he believes that the neighborhood has improved significantly in appearance.

Board Vacancy – Mark reported that we still had one vacancy on the Board for Trustee.  We need the extra person to help manage the new garbage service if it is adopted (to be discussed later).  We will ask for volunteers at the end of the meeting after discussion of the garbage service.

Treasury Update – The budget for 2013 was reviewed.  It was pointed out this budget was in the hole (-$3,310.07) meaning that we were spending more than our estimated income.  Doug explained that two considerations suggested that we could do this.  One was that the income estimate assumes that all homeowner will pay the early payment discount amount of $150 when we almost always have 8 to 10 who end up paying the full amount.  This would generate up to an additional $1000 in income.  Second we received a large settlement of fines from one homeowner last year ($approximately $35,000) and we can use some of this to offset the budget so that we don’t have to increase the assessments.  It should also be noted that in accordance with the HOA vote 2 years ago to establish a contingency fund we moved $25,000 of this money into savings as the full contingency fund.  Lastly, it was explained that we split out the attorney fees in the middle of 2012 so that we could get a better handle on how much we were paying for and how much we were getting back in settlements.  The Board felt that this would more accurately reflect our actual legal expenses.  We should see this better as 2013 progresses.  Richard McMichael motioned to approve; John Ranero seconded; budget approved unanimously.

Neighborhood Garbage Service Contract Proposal – Scott presented the proposal that we received from Waste Industries, LLC.  None of the other services expressed an interest in a neighborhood proposal.  In general, the proposal will save the average homeowner anywhere from $40 to $120 per year depending on their level of service.  In addition, it will reduce the number of trucks running through the neighborhood and reduce the number of days that trucks run through the neighborhood.  They also will provide a large container once a year for a neighborhood trash cleanup.  There were a number of homeowners in favor of this.  One homeowner expressed concern that once this is adopted it will be hard to undo again should some homeowners not be happy with service.  It is hoped that a neighborhood wide service will generate more attention from the company should we have problems.  It was also stated that no one would have to use this service but they would be assessed for the minimum service to fulfill the neighborhood wide contract.  Finally, as a result of the large fine settlement the Board proposes that the cost of the contract for the first year be free to the homeowners in 2013.  A show of support was requested with 11 properties for and 2 against.

Mailbox Refurbishment – A homeowner asked about whether we were going to refurbish mailboxes again.  The Board stated that this has been discussed by the Board this year but we were concerned that the cost last time was large and would use a sizeable chunk of our resources.  It was mentioned that some of that work is now flaking off and several of the boxes have broken latches or hinges.  Ultimately it was decided that we should individually notify homeowners to fix up their mailbox if it becomes unsightly or inoperable rather than use resources from the HOA again.

Adjourned at 8:20pm after John Ranero motioned to adjourn; Eric Collins seconded; passed unanimously.


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