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Brittni Place HOA – Spring/Summer Update

Beautifying Your Neighborhood and Protecting Your Investment:

As announced at the last owner’s meeting, your HOA is aware that there have been some long standing issues in the neighborhood. Over the past few years your HOA had relaxed the enforcement due to the economic problems many of our neighbors had experienced. Now that the worst was behind us, your HOA has been rededicating its efforts. We hope to return your neighborhood to the condition it was prior to the economic downturn that caused so many foreclosures.

In an effort to be more transparent about these actions, we wanted to share with our neighbors the most recent activities.

Year to date, we have issued over 55 notices to homeowners. The types of notices varied from lawn issues such as unsightly exposed stumps, tall grass/weeds, exposed landscape fabric, and edging materials to maintenance issues such as house paint and mailbox repairs.

In our efforts to inform our neighbors of these infractions, we gave everyone who received a Courtesy Notice the opportunity to correct the problem within 15 days or submit a project plan with an alternate proposed completion date. Please understand that the Courtesy Notice procedure is not part of our covenants, rather the covenants say we should proceed directly with official Step 1 notifications. It’s our intention to be more than reasonable with these requests. But, ultimately we need to make sure the problems are taken care of in order to make your neighborhood look as good as possible.

As you may have noticed, we did hear from many of our neighbors who corrected their issues promptly. Some thanked us, a some were upset and a few fell on deaf ears. Your HOA continues to work hard to protect our most valuable investment, your home. Did you know that landscaping can affect the home’s value anywhere from 5% to 12%? http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/426/426-087/426-087.html

Yard of the Month will be starting again in June. Remember each winner will receive a $50 Home Depot gift card.

8 Tips to Avoid Getting an Enforcement Notice:

  1. Read and understand the Covenants of your neighborhood. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact the board. http://brittniplace.com/images/Brittni-Place-Covenants.pdf
  2. Keep your grass cut under 4 inches and clean up after yourself. This includes blowing the street, sidewalks, and driveways clear of clippings or other debris. We’ve seen numerous lawn maintenance companies who aren’t cleaning the streets when they are done. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to stay on top of your contractor; after all you are paying for their services and you should get it done right.
  3. Don’t let trees or other vegetation grow over sidewalks, or into the streets. Covenants require 6 feet clearing from streets and an extra 3 feet from light poles.
  4. Lawns shall be edged against curbs, sidewalks, and driveways such that no plant growth extends onto these surfaces.
  5. Cover your weed fabric. Nothing looks worse than a yard with bare weed fabric showing.
  6. Keep the exterior of your house looking good. If you have stains, dirt or peeling paint, take care of it.
  7. Don’t park in the grass. We all have large driveways and plenty of room for our vehicles. When you park in the grass you are damaging your lawn and creating bare spots or ruts. Overnight parking on your grass is not allowed.
  8. If you cut down a tree, take the stump with it. Leaving an unsightly stump in the middle of your yard can look unsightly.

Recent Convenant Interpretations:

In an effort to help our neighbors understand the existing Covenants the board note Interpretations. The following Interpretations have been agreed upon and we hope you will find the added clarity beneficial.

Basketball Goal Installations (Board interpretation 1/18/14)
The covenants currently allow basketball goals to be installed behind the rear of the dwelling line without Board approval. However, goals located elsewhere on lots within the subdivision do require Board approval. Board approval of basketball goals will require at least the follow four requirements:

1. The backboard must be clear

2. The pole or upright must be black

3. The goal if placed forward of the rear dwelling line must be located behind the front dwelling line.

4. The goal should not be attached to the dwelling.
All existing goals, prior to this interpretation, will not require approval due to their construction or current placement, we will refer to these as Grandfathered Basketball Goals. All basketball goals including Grandfathered Basketball Goals must be maintained such that they do not become unsightly or result in a nuisance. Once a Grandfathered Basketball Goal is removed for any reason a new goal will require approval if it is located forward of the rear dwelling line. Any basketball goals which were formally approved by the Board will be subject to Like Kind repair/replacement per section 6.3.1 of the covenants. When submitting your basketball goal for approval please include a photo of the goal’s post and backboard, description of the materials and a diagram of the goals placement on your property.

Exposed Stumps (Board interpretation 1/9/14)
All stumps above ground level that are not located in a natural area (meaning lawns or mulched beds) shall be removed or cut to ground level. Exceptions such as stumps that will be covered, out of sight or used in a decorative manner may be submitted to the board for approval.

Community Garage Sale – July 11th & 12th:

The Brittni Place Community Garage Sale is scheduled for the weekend of July 11th and 12th. If you would like to participate, please contact Jerry Slay at jerryslay2000@yahoo.com or 678-618-8935 to pickup your sign. There will be a $10 refundable deposit for the sign. Please make a check payable to the Brittni Place HOA. After the event, just return your sign and we will refund your deposit.

Signs will be placed at key intersections to drive traffic to the neighborhood. We will also place multiple ads on Craisgslist and other online sites as well as free news papers listings. You can help spread the word by sharing the details of  this event on Facebook.

New Board Members:

On November 19, 2013 Kim Daniel stepped down as Trustee. I know I speak for everyone when we say thank you for all the effort Kim put forth volunteering her time on board. On that same day, Michael Strutton volunteered his time and was added to the board as a Trustee. On January 9, 2014 Jerry Slay volunteered his time and was added to the board as a Trustee.

As a reminder your HOA is made up of volunteers, we are your neighbors. The covenants and protections you bought into provide protection to help maintain your neighborhood to a higher standard and help protect you valuable investment. As a current volunteer myself, I encourage you to stay involved in your HOA, by attending annual meetings, providing constructive feedback/input and even consider volunteering your time towards the board.