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2013 Annual Owners Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.  We had 19 properties represented at the meeting.

Clarification of Parking Rules – Mark provided some information on the clarifications that we adopted in response to the parking rule section being somewhat confusing.  We pulled out in a separate section the part that speaks about inoperable vehicles and added additionally language to clarify what “parking spaces” are.  There was some discussion but no opposition.  A question was asked about how long a camper or boat could be parked forward of the rear dwelling line on a short term basis for maintenance or loading.  The Board stated that there was not set time limit but was dealt with on a case by case basis.  The purpose of the rule was to prevent frequent and/or long term storage of these items in front of the rear dwelling and detracting from the look of the neighborhood.

Board Vacancy – Mark reported that we still had one vacancy on the Board for Trustee.  Anyone who is interested should contact us to get an idea of the duties.  The board has been operating with 4 members for several years.

Covenant Enforcement Policy – Mark informed the members that beginning January 1, 2014 we would return to our normal enforcement policy that was relaxed somewhat during the economic downturn due to all the foreclosures.  Now that we are down to just 2 properties in foreclosure we wish to continue to enforce the covenants to make the neighborhood the showcase it was previously.  There were no comments or objections.

Neighborhood Garbage Service Contract Proposal – Scott reported that we did not go ahead with the neighborhood wide garbage service since we did not get a volunteer to manage the program.  In addition, since there was a merger of the two companies that we contacted it may have affected our ability to negotiate with the combined company since they service most of the neighborhood already.

Hiring of a Professional Accountant – Doug explained that as the treasurer he found that each time we change treasurers there is a steep learning curve to understanding the accounting software with a number of mistakes being made that must be cleaned up later.  The Board had been discussing the hiring of a professional accounting firm for a couple of years and finally sought out two bids before awarding the contract to Todd Eldrege for the coming year.  We still retain the approval of expenses but he will maintain the accounts and issue assessment notices for the year.  We are hopeful that this will make transitions to new board members easier.  The expenses for this service were not in the budget for 2013 so we will just pull them out of the checking account for the remainder of the year.

Treasurer’s Report – Doug

Hiring of a Professional Accountant – Doug presented the budget year to date status and explained that we are in a deficit this year due to taking on the professional accountant and the contract to painting the mailboxes.  A question was asked about why we went ahead with the mailbox painting when the homeowners at the last meeting decided to just enforce it via the covenant notices.  It was explained that the notices were not having the desired effect and we got a good price compared to what we paid last time so the Board decided to go ahead and have it done saving us a lot of trouble with all the notices.

2014 Proposed Budget – Doug presented the proposed budget for 2014.  It shows a deficit of $3472.07 but since we are budgeting for $4000 in reimbursable attorney fees the Board felt that if we get most of this back the budget will break even.  So we are not anticipating any assessment increase for next year as a result of the projected deficit.

New Business – A question was asked about getting street lights replaced.  It was stated that anyone could call Greystone to get them fixed but you needed the address of the properties on either side of the light.  Another question was raised about where the garbage cans are located for pickup.  One homeowner objected to them being in the sidewalks causing an obstacle to passing.  Another mentioned that they should really not be in the street obstructing traffic either.

Adjourned at 8:00pm after John Carter motioned to adjourn; Steve Snowe seconded; passed unanimously.