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HOA Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Missy Staie, President There were 9 homeowners represented with 10 people in attendance (and 1 proxy).

Officers for 2011 – David Applegate will be transferring out of town soon, so we have an opening for Treasurer. There were no volunteers.

Website Reminder – Everyone was reminded that all information is now on the website and that we only use email to distribute information (other than covenant violations). Please remember to check the site periodically.

Treasury Update – See attached.

A copy of the proposed budget for 2011 was distributed. It was noted that we will increase Activities/Awards because we are now holding the yard of the month competition and the holiday decoration competition. We also canceled the phone service so no money will be budgeted for that expense. We increased the water bill budget now that we can water and increased the website budget a little based on this year’s expenses. That leaves us with a net surplus of $525 over our anticipated income.

Neighborhood Watch – The HOA will be putting out the new watch list in the next couple of weeks. We have not updated it in a while. If you don’t get one then you have not submitted a form with your information and signature for inclusion on the list.

Yard of the Month and Holiday Decoration Contests – Yard of the month ran from May to September and the Holiday decoration contest will be judged the week before Christmas. Winners must be current on their fees.

Homes in Foreclosure – It was stated that we had only 4 homes in foreclosure right now. Lots 23, 30, 64, and 73.

Current Lawsuits – We have two lawsuits currently ongoing. One appears to be in a settlement agreement that will require monthly payments and the other is going to garnishment of wages to collect fines and assessments.

Meeting Signage – It was suggested that we add the website to the meeting signage to give new residents and idea of where to go for more information on the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned 8:10 PM.