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Association Meeting Minutes May 20, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by Missy Staie, President

There were 21 homeowners represented with 16 people in attendance (and 5 proxies).

Neighborhood Watch Forms – It announced that we were attempting to update the Homeowners Watch List and that forms were available on the table if you want to update your information or if you are not currently on the list, we would add it.

Officers for 2011 – It was announced that all Board members have indicated that they are willing to serve another year but that if there is anyone who wishes to be considered for the Board please let us know before the annual meeting this fall.

Website Reminder – Everyone was reminded that all information is now on the website and that we only use email to distribute information (other than covenant violations).  Please remember to check the site periodically.  If you want to have you email address added to the database, please forward that to the Board.  Also, if you want to add anything to the website, like a recommended business, please forward that also to the Board.

Garage Sale – This was briefly discussed in regard to whether we want to do one this year or wait one more year.  It was decided to wait until next year.

Treasury Update – See attached.

A member asked how stable has the budget been the last 5 years and it was stated that the budget has been relatively stable to the point that the Board feels that they have a pretty good idea of what our yearly expenses will be.

Another member asked what are the average expenses and income each year and it was stated that if everyone paid their $150 dues that we would take in around $12,000 and that our expenses run around $12,000.  This was our goal when we established the budget last year and this is evidence that we have a pretty good idea of what we need each year.

Another member asked how much insurance to we have?  It was stated that we think it is around one million and is the minimum since we have no facilities other than the front entrance.  The Board will provide a more detailed answer after consulting the files.  (The files revealed that we have $6,200 coverage on the signs with a $500 deductable and $1,050,000 liability).

Reserve Limit for the Bank Account – The HOA Board has been discussing the idea of how much money above and beyond our yearly expenses do we want to accumulate in the HOA bank account.  The concern was that we have enough in the account to handle any potential risk due to ongoing litigation or repairs.  The Board believes it needs to be in the range of $25,000 to $30,000.  The homeowners were generally in agreement.

A member asked if the dues could be lowered once the limit is reached and it was stated that this is what the Board had considered as an option.

Another member asked how costly a court case might be and it was stated that the attorneys indicated that it could be as high as $3000.

Yard of the Month and Holiday Decoration Contests – It was asked whether the homeowners had any interest in restarting these two contests.  After some discussion, it was agreed that we would again award a Yard of the Month and have a Holiday Decoration Contest this year.

Fine for 3 Step 1 Notices Reminder – It was stated that we wanted to remind all homeowners that we implemented a new fine for homeowners who continue to have multiple fines throughout the year and they seem to be the same violations each time.  It was decided that to get through to these habitual violators that we would allow a homeowner to have up to 3 Step 1 violations each calendar year but beginning with the fourth and all subsequent ones we would assess a $100 fine.  It is hoped that this will significantly cut down on the number of notices that we have to issue for the same offense each year.  As it was there was not penalty for repeated violations as long as they were corrected each time.  This was not having the desired effect, particularly for yard maintenance, since the inspections only occur every 14 days.

Front Entrance Landscape Proposal – A complete redesign of the front entrance was presented to the homeowners to gauge whether there was any interest in completely reworking the entrance (removing some plants, trimming other, and planting some new ones) or to continue just doing small changes/upgrades each year.  It was pointed out that there was a feeling that the front was too crowded.  A number of possible changes to the plan were discussed before the Board asked for an indication from the homeowners how they wanted the Board to proceed.  A show of support was asked for and received with most of the homeowners indicating interest in a complete redesign.  The cost of this will be around $5000.

Meeting was adjourned 8:00 PM.