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Homeowner Bi-Annual Meeting October 15, 2009 7pm

October 15, 2009
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

Meeting to be held at Ephesus Baptist Church at 7:00PM.  Light refreshments served.

HOA Meeting Agenda

1. Elections – We currently have 2 open positions (VP and Trustee).  Volunteers ?

2. Website for Subdivision

Encourage all members to visit our site at www.brittniplace.com for any new updates and other ongoing news about the neighborhood.  We will no longer issue paper newsletters to help save costs and time.  The site will include a calendar, list of contractors used by homeowners, current covenants and bylaws, among other things.  We want to thank Mike Strutton for his continued efforts in maintaining the site.

3. Neighborhood Garage Sale

Any suggested dates for the next neighborhood garage sale ??  Improved ways to do ??

4.   Mailing Procedure Change – Modification to the Covenants of the procedure to

deliver notices to homeowners.  They will be delivered via delivery confirmation and

not return receipt.

5. Treasury Update  – Review current (2009) and next CY budgets (2010).

6. Covenant and Bylaw Review

  • Solar panel proposed installation rule –
    • 6.24 *Solar Panels*. Solar panels shall be limited to 64 square feet in size. If located on the roof, they shall be limited to the rear facing roof surface. If located on the ground they shall be located behind the rear dwelling line.
  • Like Kind Construction proposal –  Board proposal to change submission guidelines under 6.3 to allow for like kind construction without a construction request.
    • Like Kind maintenance and repair to existing structures are exempt from the requirements outlined in Section 6.3 that requires the submittal of a construction request to the HOA Board. Like Kind maintenance and repair is defined as any repair or maintenance

that replaces existing materials with materials that are of the exact same kind, appearance, color, texture, size, and location. In addition, these repairs or maintenance must be completed within

14 days from the date the repairs or maintenance begins. Any maintenance or repair that does not meet the requirements set forth in this section shall require the submission of a construction request as outlined in Section 6.3 and the “Submission Guidelines.” The Board of the HOA reserves the right to make the final determination whether the maintenance or repairs qualify as “Like Kind.”

  • Parking of Vehicles (6.5.1) – Board proposal to limit parking forward of the rear dwelling line to automobiles and vans.
  • Portable Basketball Goals – Are Portable Basketball Goals covered by Section 6.17 and must be behind the rear dwelling line?
  • Fences – Should Privacy Fences be required if parking trailers and other vehicles behind rear dwelling line.

7. Questions and Answers

Contact Your Board of Directors