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Homeowner Meeting Update April 27, 2009

Meeting was held at Ephesus Baptist Church at 7:00PM

1. New Fine Process for Chronic Violators (Missy Staie, President)

Missy announced that the Board was proposing to establish a change to the fine procedure to help deal with chronic violators who continue to have multiple violations for the same problem. The proposal discussed at the April Board meeting was “As of March 2, 2009 homeowners will be allowed 3 step 1 violation notices during a calendar year. For the 4th and subsequent step 1 violations a $100 fine shall be assessed upon issue of the step 1 notice.” The members in attendance were all in favor of the change but it was agreed to implement as of May 1, 2009 not the March date approved by the Board in the April meeting.

2. Website Development (Missy Staie, President)

Missy stated that the website is now fully functioning, so all members should visit our site at www.brittniplace.com for any new updates and other ongoing news about the neighborhood. We will no longer issue paper newsletters to help save costs and time. The site will include a calendar, list of contractors used by homeowners, current covenants and bylaws, among other things. We want to thank Mike Strutton for stepping forward to put this together and for providing a discounted rate to maintain the site as needed.

3. Neighborhood Garage Sale (Missy Staie, President)

Missy announced that we would again be holding a neighborhood garage sale similar to what we have done in the past. It is currently scheduled for June 12 and 13. There will be a $10 deposit for a sign that indicates your participation.

4. Treasury Update (John Carter, Treasurer)

John provided a summary balance sheet (See attached) that shows how we are doing through 4 months of this year and included a calculation in percent of how we are in relationship to our budget and income forecasts. John pointed out that the percentages may not always an accurate way to judge how we are doing because we have some spikes in costs early in the year that can throw off the running average.

The audit of our records is underway at the time of this meeting and should be done soon. We have settled two lawsuits so far this year and have started 2 more. John noted once again that we are pacing our number of lawsuits so that if one or more do go to trial and we incur those expenses that we have sufficient resources to finish the suit. To date all suits have been settled before court often resulting in the homeowners having to pay significant legal costs that dwarf the original amount in dispute.

John also reported that we only have 2 properties still owned by banks now. We had as many as 6 at one time.

5. Trustee Position Still Open (Missy Staie, President)

Missy reminded the homeowners in attendance that we still have one vacant position on the Board and encourage everyone to consider volunteering to fill this position. At present we have divided up the duties among the remaining officers.

6. Front Entrance Light (Missy Staie, President)

Missy reported that the HOA has contracted with Greystone to install another street light on the other side of the entrance to provide more light there. The light has been paid for and should be installed very soon.

7. Construction Request (Doug Hintz, Secretary)

Doug reminded the homeowners that all changes to property must be submitted to the HOA for approval. We have found that even landscaping should be submitted primarily so that we can get an agreement on how long the project will take to finish. We have had a number of projects that seem to drag on and the property in the mean time may become unsightly. So we ask the cooperation of everyone in helping us keep a handle on this issue.

8. Number of HOA Meetings (Missy Staie, President)

Missy reported that the Board does not see any purpose in having 4 quarterly meetings since we do not have the attendance even when they are block parties. We think that 2 will be sufficient. The members in attendance agreed.

9. Installation of Solar Panels (Doug Hintz, Secretary)

Doug reported that he had been looking into installation of a solar water heater after getting some information from Greystone about a $500 rebate to encourage homeowners to make these conversions. He also determined that there were significant federal and state tax deductions that were also available that make the installation a much more affordable proposition. Since this may be something that we will have to deal with in the future since there is a trend to move to renewable energy, Doug wanted to get some idea from the members how they felt about the installation of solar panels in the neighborhood.

There was considerable discussion about what they would look like and where they should be allowed depending on the orientation of the house on the property. Ultimately, the members agreed that we should allow them with the allowable location up to the Board to determine.

Meeting adjourned 8:02PM.


The meeting had 18 homeowners represented out of 82. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM.

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